Providing electrical engineering consulting services to the Northeast.  Ready to team with you to address your needs in the areas of electronic design, electromagnetic compatibility, residential/commercial/industrial service entrance and power distribution, process control, industrial control, and motor control centers.

Industrial Installations

Provide engineering assistance with industrial process control systems, power distribution, and motor control based on 30 years experience in heavy industry (mining) and Navy.

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Commercial and Residential Electrical Design

Provide design work for new installations in residential and commercial facilities in accordance with National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and local codes.

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Electronics Design

Develop custom circuit designs and prototypes to meet the client's requirements. Typical examples would include interface circuits between unique sensor arrangements and controllers, or a control package for your OEM system.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility

Assist client with resolving electromagnetic compatibility issues. Experience with specifying EMI/EMC requirements, reviewing designs for compliance to minimize EMI emissions and susceptibility, auditing EMI test programs, and troubleshooting EMI issues.

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Burnt Hills, NY
Last update: January 21, 2015