Electronics Design

Excerpt from design analysis

Circuit Design and Simulation

Starting with the client's requirements, circuit designs will be developed using mathematical models. Steady state and transient analysis, frequency response, and stability analyses can be performed. Once the circuit is developed with these tools, the circuit can be confirmed through computer simulation. These steps will ensure that the design is a quality product that works first time and every time.

Excerpt from PWB layout

Printed Wiring Board Layout

Once the circuit design is complete, printed wiring board design is developed. Designs requiring multilayer circuit boards, ground planes, power planes, are supported. Silkscreen and solder mask layers are also provided. The result is a set of Gerber format 247X files that can be provided directly to a fabrication house for board production.

PWB Assembly

Prototype Assembly

Depending on the client's needs, the final product may simply be a populated printed wiring board ready for evaluation testing by the client, or a fully packaged electronic assembly for implementation into the client's system.

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Last update: August 1, 2012